Diving Into Self-Discovery With Daren Thompson

August 27, 2021 by Daren Thompson
Diving Into Self-Discovery With Daren Thompson

Learning new things, finding new hobbies, finding out your purpose in life… these are all things that you will continuously be learning about yourself as you mature. As you dive into self-discovery, it is important to know that first, you need to be aware of your personality characteristics, what would you like to change, what not, etc.

Self-discovery might sound like a very complicated concept. It really isn’t once you figure out what’s missing from the current life you’re living, and the steps you will take toward the fulfillment of that. However, there are 4 things I suggest you do before going even further in your self-discovery journey:

1. Visualize your ideal self

A lot of times, visualizing your ideal self is all about asking yourself the right questions. Before elaborating further into that, I want to let you know that it is okay not to like where you’re at, at the moment, no matter your age.

Sometimes, we are so focused on having a perfect life, being successful, being in love, that we forget to take our feelings and even ourselves as human beings into consideration. There are times that we identify ourselves based on the relationships we have with others and how they perceive us. It is time to put a stop to all of that and dig a little deeper into your life and answer these questions:

  • Where do I see myself in 5/10 years?
  • Am I satisfied with the life I am living?
  • Do I have any regrets?
  • What am I the proudest about the things I have accomplished so far?

You can add more questions as you through all of these, nonetheless, this is a good starting point based on my experience. If for a moment you get stuck and don’t know how to answer, then think of all the moments that have made you the happiest and try to analyze what was so special about them.

2. Define all the things you like the most about yourself

Defining the qualities that you like the most about yourself, will help you have a clear view of the values that you value in others as well. This will be a great guide for what people you want to attract.

Those values might include honesty, vulnerability, compassion, loyalty, etc. As long as you clarify them in your head, it will be easier for you to form more meaningful relationships, first and foremost with yourself and later with others.

3. Developing your passions

Life is driven by passion. Your passions are not necessarily linked to your hobbies. Dive a little more into the reason why you chose the career path you are at the moment. Has the passion for that disappeared? Or is it what keeps you going?

Even when it comes to hobbies, find things that you’re passionate about. Do you love movies, singing, dancing, gardening? Whatever it is, do it! Find a way to be able to enjoy it. You might be surprised by what you discover along the way.

4. Find someone to guide you through it

Your self-discovery journey is extremely personal to you. While you discover more about yourself, it is really important for you to have fun too. If you still find it difficult to start somewhere, I am here for you. Whether you want someone else to direct those questions to you, or someone to guide you through this journey, I am more than happy to help you.