Finding Your Inner Light

August 27, 2021 by Daren Thompson
Finding Your Inner Light

How do you go about finding your inner light? Well, we are all born with a light inside our bodies, a light that was always meant to be explored by us. That light fills your body and soul with warmth and love. You might feel like you’ve lost it, or that that light has remained just a small, tiny flame.

Well, that is why I am here. To show you that you can find and nourish that inner light to get you through the darkest of times. All you have to do is allow yourself to be vulnerable and have the will to be patient and understanding of the entire process.

Time for reflection

When finding your inner light, it is important you take a moment and be aware of what is happening around you. This is also a great moment to take a step back and reflect on your actions, your past, and your future.

Relax and focus on your breathing. Did you complete your goals for today? What do you have to let go of? Did something not go on as planned? Well, life doesn’t always go as you planned it to be, so reflecting on your actions and letting go of things is a good start to accept that life doesn’t always go your way and that is absolutely ok.

Take a moment and listen

Listening is a certain skill that not everyone has. And it’s so important for you to develop it. Listening means you’re letting all your judgments aside and focus your attention on the person that is standing in front of you. Making that person feel appreciated and heard.

Being respectful and loving with the person in front of you is one of the ways to let your inner light shine.

Put some love into your thoughts

We all have had to deal with negative thoughts on a daily basis. Whether it’s about our fears, doubts, self-criticism, or any other thing that is bringing us down. No matter how much we try, these thoughts will never disappear.

The true challenge is what to do when these thoughts come into your head. Something that you should always keep reminding yourself is that your thoughts are not who you are. Your thoughts are just things that you perceive in your head.

When you see that a splurge of these negative thoughts is coming into your head, take a step back. Take a few deep breaths and put the focus on your surroundings. Let your thoughts flow out of your body. This way you understand they are just thoughts, they are not real.

Spiritual meditation is a good way to take care of your negative thoughts and be able to let your inner light shine through. A step-by-step guided meditation is what you will ultimately need to connect to your higher self and not be step-backed by any negative thoughts running through your head.