How To Let Go Of Things In Your Past

August 27, 2021 by Daren Thompson
How To Let Go Of Things In Your Past

Such a complicated topic to talk about, let alone to live through it. There is no set formula to forgetting your past struggles, trauma, emotions, or even people. Nonetheless, emotional pain is what makes us human. Letting ourselves be vulnerable is what makes us feel things and identify those emotions.

Learning how to let go things in your past is not about forgetting what you went through. That will probably never happen, we’re just going to let time deal with it. Letting go of things in your past is about you dealing with the fact that what is done is done and there’s no way back.

However, the process of learning how to let go of things in your past cannot happen overnight, therefore I will let you in on some well-kept secrets.

1. Be nice to yourself

We often blame ourselves for not being able to stop overthinking situations that have already gone. “Why am I such a fool?”, “Why can’t I just let go?”, “What’s wrong with me?”. Well, there is nothing wrong with you, you’re human, you’re not a robot that can just turn off their feelings and thoughts.

Think of what you would have said to a friend who was going through the same thing. You would have been nice and compassionate about it, right? Consider yourself your best friend and start treating him with kindness.

The moment you think of a situation or a person that has caused you pain in the past, don’t blame yourself. Start talking to yourself with compassion and love. The pain will start to go away.

2. Physical distance is important

Distancing from the person that hurt you is what will make you slowly heal. It is an easy way to not be reminded of what you went through. If you’re experiencing a break up whether it’s romantic or not, although you want to be on good terms, taking some distance will help you reflect on your thoughts and feelings.

3. It’s ok not to think positively all the time

We’re so focused on having to be positive all of the time that we avoid the negative emotions we often tend to feel. As if, if we ignore them everything will be fixed. Grief, anger, sadness should be released otherwise it will take a huge toll on your mental health.

You should think positively of your thoughts, but you should be able to let negative emotions flow so that you can feel relief after.

Find relief in releasing your emotions and always be kind to yourself. Healing takes time.