My Personal Development Journey As A Black Man

August 27, 2021 by Daren Thompson
My Personal Development Journey As A Black Man

A lot of people say that without obstacles and challenges you cannot experience proper growth. Let me tell you, I couldn’t care less about growth while I was going through some of the most difficult challenges and struggles of my life. Who cares about future growth when you see your marriage falling into shambles? I didn’t care about that either when I was expressing my anger by drinking and binge eating, risking myself type 2 diabetes, or even more serious illnesses.

How could I experience growth when I couldn’t find any support? How would I ever get up after this? So I might as well not even try, right? These were all things that went over my head while I was at my lowest. Nonetheless, you don’t have to necessarily be at your lowest to be able to experience self-growth. The problem at the time was that I couldn’t find support, and I mean professional support. Even online, it was difficult to find someone who looked like me, who had gone through the same things and had overcome them.

No matter how much of a cliché it sounds, I am so grateful for all of that. It forced me to see how strong I could be and how much I can help my community. Moreover, it made me realize that I could build something bigger than myself and this could become a sanctuary for all black men who are going through the same and are looking for representation, support, and help.

I have learned that it is me who needs to make the change and I shouldn’t expect other people to do so for me. Making the first step yourself is important, but you need support and guidance throughout the way. Black men especially, have it difficult for lack of access to appropriate and culturally responsive healthcare facilities. For me, it was taking care of myself through meditation, exercise, and eating healthy that helped me overcome my past traumas mentally and physically. My physical appearance was reflecting what I felt like in my head, extremely and utterly neglected.

I have built my lifestyle brand with extreme dedication and love. I have put all my life experience into creating a safe space for you to not only find unlimited support by me but to also get educated on your mental and physical health. It is important to take time for yourself and evaluate the importance of your happiness and peace. Subscribe now to my plan so we can go through the change together!