Self-Development Life Coaching For Black Men

August 27, 2021 by Daren Thompson
Self-Development Life Coaching For Black Men

Everyone has the right to experience growth. Everyone has the absolute right to feel safe, nurtured, comfortable, and understood. This is usually provided by spaces such as therapy, life coaching, health centers, etc. However, we don’t see much of this happening to black men.

Although people are willing to be more open and talk about their mental health, this topic is still highly stigmatized. This stigmatization is even more emphasized in the African American community in the United States. In this particular community, even talking about your mental health struggles is considered a weakness. Let alone talking about meditation and self-healing.

Where I grew up, this idea of being a man, being strong, not showing emotion and pain was deeply ingrained in my head since I was a small boy. It was a very difficult thought to get rid of, while I was going through my own struggles. Only at the moment that I decided to break this vicious cycle that I inherited from all the male figures in my life, I was able to experience self-healing and be one with all my emotions.

Just like me, there are millions of black men who have experienced just the same. It is so hard to grow and experience self-development as you age when you cannot even seem to deal with your emotions and your thoughts.  It is now known that black men suffer obstacles when trying to reach self-development and self-growth. There’s obviously a lack of access to appropriate and culturally responsive healthcare facilities.

This is why I created the Daren Thompson coaching brand. For all black men dealing with their personal issues regarding their self-image and mental health. For them to have a safe haven to talk about their struggles and to find a solution together.  I find this highly important because it is important for black men to see another black man who is not afraid to be vulnerable, show emotion, talk about mental health and be open about meditation and spiritual awakening.

By becoming a member of my community, we will learn together how to unlearn all those concepts about masculinity and ‘what makes a true man’ that has been ingrained and taught to us since we were little boys. It is important to start questioning everything you were taught and to dig a little deeper into your emotions and your soul. It is important for me that you learn that being vulnerable is ok, it is what makes you human after all.

Subscribing to my plan means that based on your needs, you will be provided with a dietary plan that I will be creating just for you. That dietary plan will be accompanied by a training regime customized to your body. However, this does not end here. I advise all my clients to start meditation as it is a strong bridge connecting them to their higher self, self-healing, and spiritual awakening. I will guide you step-by-step in your meditation and self-development journey. A healthy mind resides in a healthy body!