Starting Life Over After Your 40s

August 27, 2021 by Daren Thompson
Starting Life Over After Your 40s

Change is inevitable, whether we like it or not. It looks even scarier when you’re in your forties and you see a need to change up your life, or even start over. Getting out of your comfort zone should be exciting and it should be fun. After all, starting anew is an amazing opportunity and should feel like such. Just look at it as a second chance at life.

If you still have difficulty in adapting to change, worry not! I have prepared some tips just for you, who is feeling lost right now!

1. Start off from a fresh perspective

Gaining a fresh perspective on life is so important. Reevaluate your limitations. Break them! Limitations you put on yourself, are those things that are basically ruining the quality of your life and what’s making you fall into that never-ending loop.

Reality is so much different from your thoughts. If you change the way you process your thoughts you will gain a new perspective on life. That is what’s going to help you feel free to start life over.

2. Time to challenge your challenges

Take a step back. Reflect on those challenges you will have to face now that you are starting over. Are those that scary really? Just got out of a long-term relationship? What challenges could you be facing now? Looking for a new living arrangement, new friends or just learning how to be alone and not feel lonely?

All those things are absolutely doable. Start by making a list and turning those challenges into things that are real and absolutely solvable. Start looking for a new apartment, go to a new coffee shop, take yourself on dates, call a friend you hadn’t been talking to for years. Life is so exciting!

3. Redefine your values and morals

When we’re going through something big, at times we are so focused on change that we forget to set our priorities straight. No matter how much we want to change, we should stay true to ourselves. Before going on that big life breakthrough, make sure to make a list of all the things, people, ideas, and emotions that you value the most.

Check-in on your values and morals. This will allow you to still recognize yourself no matter how many times you start over.

Finally, I suggest you take any challenge that comes your way like a champ! Don’t be that person that lives with regret and blames others for his misfortunes. Your life is in your hands! Always remember that.